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Curated Events

Poetry Readings and Guest poets.

Readings have involved people published in and outside Neon Highway Magazine. The aim being to bring together local as well as guest writers from further afield.

Readings have taken place throughout a variety of venues around Liverpool such as Central Library in the Hornby Room, 33-45 Club, Bluecoat, The Planetarium and The Walker Art Gallery. Details listed below.

Neon Highway poetry readings

Journeys: Poetry Reading: Blackburne House:

Climate into Change: Fact: Zines. 2009


Thursday July 8th

Sex Drugs and Rock and Roll

Matt Fallaize: Featured poet

Dave Ward

Alice Lenkiewicz

Carole Baldock

Dam Robinson

Bruno Darcy

Eugenie Kelly

August Thursday 19th

Postmodernism and Urban Life

Bill Griffiths: Featured poet

Eleanor Reese

Robert Sheppard

Scott Thurston

Andrew Taylor

Angela Keaton

Dave Ward

September Friday 17th

Dreams Myth and Magic

David Greygoose: featured poet

Eugenie Kelly

Eleanor Reese

Ursula Hurley

Jane Darcy-Lewis

Geraldine Green

Chas Johnson,

Joan Poulson

Stazia Lenkiewicz

Alice Lenkiewicz

Thursday October 14th

Secrets and Diaries

John Hall: featured poet

Robert Sheppard

Alice Lenkiewicz

Jane Darcy Lewis

Cath Nicols

Janine Pinion

Sudley House

A Text Performance by Robert Sheppard.

An alternative guide to the art collection at Sudley House, Liverpool.

To be performed in Sudley house itself by the author.

6th and 12th November 2004

2pm and 3pm

Robert will be reading his text performance as a guided tour.

Supported by the Learning Department of National Museums: Hosted by Neon Highway.

November Friday 19th

Journeys Near and Far/Health and identity

Sam Smith: featured poet

George Wallace: featured poet

Eugenie Kelly

Ursula Hurley

Alice Lenkiewicz

Carole Baldock

Carol Thislethwait

Dee Mcmahon

Poetry in the City

Capital of Culture.

April 10th, 2005

Allen Fisher

Guest Poet

The Walker Art Gallery

William Brown Street


Room 12

Poets from the Edge Hill Poetics Research Group will also be reading their work.
Robert Sheppard, Scott Thurston, Angela Keaton, Cliff Yates, Andrew Taylor, Alice Lenkiewicz and Matt Fallaize.

Steve Sneyd
The Planetarium
World Museum Liverpool
Saturday 29th April

2002 Neon Highway Reading Series, Collect Gallery, Liverpool

2003 Neon Highway Reading Series, 3345 Club, Liverpool

2003 Neon Highway Reading Series, Masque, Liverpool

2005    Neon Highway Reading Series, Walker Gallery,Liverpool
Philip Davenport with Tony Trehy and Ben Gwilliam:
Performances and Versions
A poetry event
at the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool
Saturday 13th May
2.30pm - 4.30pm

Neon Highway Poetry Magazine presents CRUNCH
Readings from The Fifth Floor
Sunday 25 January 2009, 16.30–17.50
Performance and reading. Jane Marsh (Editor of Neon Highway) and The Public Service Announcer played by Alice Lenkiewicz and Nigel Harrison, read poems influenced by text and thoughts concerning The Wall Street Crash of 1929. Their poems will be a response to artists and their work throughout The Fifth Floor project concerning the credit crunch and present day Liverpool. Listen to poets and writers reading their poems and prose in response to this theme, and musician Duncan Stuart will be performing.

Performance curated by Alice Lenkiewicz. Music composed by Duncan Stuart.
Performance will take place on the fourth floor as part of International Festival.
Tate Liverpool Fourth floor galleries
Free, no bookings taken
This event is related to the The Fifth Floor: Ideas Taking Space exhibition

Solo Readings

Journeys: Blackburne House: 2010

Manchester Independent Book Market: Lit North West: 2010

Digital Content Day: 2010

Hammersmith Ram: Seven Towers Writers: 2010

Bookclub Boutique: Through the Looking Glass: 2009: London Soho.

Tate 5th Floor project: Ideas Taking Space: CRUNCH. 2009

Costa Liverpool Poetry Cafe: 2008

Everyman Bistro: Dead Good Poets.

The Rose: Edge Hill

33-45 Club

Masque Club

Hornby Room

Bluecoat Sandon Room.

Editor Edit Neon highway

Writing and Editing industry

September 2002 – Present (8 years 5 months)


The Avant-garde poetry magazine, 'Neon Highway' is edited by Jane Marsh and Alice Lenkiewicz. Neon Highway was set up in 2002 as a non profit making little poetry/arts magazine. It has since published many talented known and unknown poets.

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Neon Highway is available bi-annually, with 2 issues costing £5.50, or a single Issue available at £3.00. Order your next issue by sending a cheque made out to Alice Lenkiewicz at 37, Grinshill Close, Liverpool, L8 8LD